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Process Server Toronto is a “Process Serving purpose Website” operated by PI. OWLS & CYBERIGINALS, to provide a variety of services such as serving legal documents Divorce Papers, Small Claims, Subpoenas, Summonses, etc) On behalf of our esteemed clients — Individuals, banks, law firms, advocates, government organizations, trust corporations, private businesses, and crown establishments. We also to provide Skip Tracing services.
With our headquarters in Toronto, Canada, Process Server Toronto’s skilled professionals provide quality services across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). We have process servers in Brampton, and other parts of GTA. 

 Our professional services also extend to, Skip tracing, Court filing, Public Record Searches, Court Record Searches, Legalization, and Document Retrieval.

What is Process Serving?

What is Process Serving and Court Filing?

Introduction - It may take time to find a judicial solution if you were in any wrong way and could not reach an adequate solution with the other party to the conflict. However, taking the issue to the court involves another series of problems: finding a lawyer, paying court fees, handling paperwork, and getting acquainted with all the legal and juridical conditions, hiring a private investigator in Toronto . But "process serving" and "court filing" are the two terms with which you must be familiar before the commencement of a lawsuit.

Process Serving 

The legal proceedings of the United States require every party to be notified in a case, when actions in a court of law, against them, are taken. Process service is a significant part of the Due Process of Law (the principle that a person cannot, without appropriate legal proceedings and safeguards, be deprived of life, liberty or property). It consists of formally notifying any party of the proceedings involving them, such as notifying them that a lawsuit has been brought against them, that they have been summoned to court, Process serving ensures a fair and ongoing lawsuit by updating all parties on the status of a process, and what they can or must do about it, throughout the period of its activity.

Significance of process serving - 1) Process service is needed for many reasons in Canada, but the main reason is to ensure that the due process in Canada is upheld.

2) To guarantee that legal documents are served in an extremely efficient and appropriate manner.

It is, therefore, important to know a state's legislation regarding the right manner of serving an accused lawfully.

Court Filing - In law, filing is the act of presenting a document for immediate consideration by a court clerk and stored in court files. A filing fee, which is a part of court costs, is usually paid.

The court filing

on the other hand, is a rather bureaucratic procedure aiming at monitoring and organizing the case, and maintain full documentation on a request made by each of the parties. It comprises submitting to the court, every legal documentation concerned with the case for analysis and storage, ensuring that proper lawsuits take place so that it may be applied in court later on. If you are looking for process serving and court filing in Ontario. Don't hesitate to give us a call. We will go above and beyond in serving you.


Recently, some courts have accepted electronically sent documents; a procedure is known as 'e-filing'. It consists of uploading a scanned version by the Internet in PDF format, and other information concerning it such as case number and title; rather than physically presenting the documentation to the clerk, allowing it to be done outside business hours. However, in doing so, a physical copy of the document (called a courtesy copy) must also be provided to the judge on the following working day.



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